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Picking the Bridesmaids Dresses

Soo today I was supposed to order my bridesmaids dresses…FINALLY! I figured that called for creating a post about picking the bridesmaids dresses! Sadly, though….bridesmaids dresses still aren’t ordered! Long story, short…I realized I wasn’t going to be happy with the color. I had this nice dark pink/berry/magenta color in my mind and have had the hardest time finding a designer that creates it!

So anyway, we’re switching back to the plan I was going to go with in the first place! Ugh! I’m definitely not qualified to write an accurate, “How To Pick The Right Bridesmaids Dresses” post. BUT I think it’s safe to say (and my bridesmaids would agree) that I can write a pretty darn good guide on things NOT to do when starting your bridesmaids dress shopping! 🙂

1. DON’T take your bridesmaids dress shopping and tell them to pick whatever they want! It just results in confusion….and probably some frustration. If you don’t already have something in mind, do some research to get an idea. It’s hard enough to get everyone together, this way, your appointments will be more productive and hopefully less stressful!

2. Figure out what’s important to you…is it the dress style, color, or fabric? If I would have gone into the dress shopping knowing that color was at the top of my priority list, I could have saved us all 4+ trips to the dress shop! There’s an endless amount of styles out there that come in all different colors and fabrics. But the problem is, you may have your heart set on a color that doesn’t come in the fabric you were hoping for. (That’s what happened in my case.) It’s so confusing, and unless you’re having them custom made, sometimes you have to make sacrifices! So deciding what your deal breaker is, will make this process a lot easier! 🙂

3. When it starts to get stressful, stop looking. Shopping with your bridesmaids should be fun! Once people start getting frustrated, making a decision can be even harder, plus you’re more likely to make a decision you aren’t happy with just to appease everyone! It’s better to stop shopping for the day and try again later when everyone’s refreshed and you’ve had time to reconsider what you really want!

Also, one final bit….I didn’t really want to list this as a piece of advice, instead just a thought. But after talking to a few friends who have recently had to purchase bridesmaids dresses, I got some suggestions to take a look at an online retailer. I was able to find the exact dresses we were looking at locally marked at almost $200 for just over $100! Once I receive the dresses I’ll be able to give a real review on my experience, but everyone I’ve spoken with who has ordered from this retailer seems to be very pleased! I’m hoping my experience is the same! But it’s just a thought to consider if you’re hoping to save a little money for your bridesmaids! 🙂

And since I don’t have a picture of everyone in their potential bridesmaids dresses yet, I figured I’d share some photos of us throughout the years! 🙂 It’s scary how much we’ve all changed! Can we just stop getting older please?!



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  1. Judith says:

    Those are some great tips chickadee!

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