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What I do

What I do at Stephanie Michelle Boudoir is help you see your beauty. Not question it. Because you are beautiful. My job as a photographer/cheerleader/big sister is to amplify what’s already inside you and encourage you to put yourself first. I know we all struggle to find time for self-care when there’s work and kids and stress stealing our time. But what if you could forget all of that negativity for a few hours and simply live? Simply smolder. What if you could flourish in a space where there’s no judgment, no fear, and no comparing yourself to others? You owe it to yourself to try. And after you do, I promise that you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself than you ever have before.

I’m a wife, a mother and a best friend. I’m a girly girl who loves a spa day and also loves blasting through mud on a four-wheeler. I’m someone who knows what it’s like to sometimes not feel good about yourself, but also someone who knows what to do to feel confident. My goal is to empower women like me, and like you, through my photography.

Who I am

I’ve taken care to make our private studio in Historic Olde Town Portsmouth, Virginia a relaxing, judgement-free space where you’ll feel right at home and uninhibited, I promise.
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location, location...

No matter your size, taste, or preferences, the client wardrobe has you covered. (Well, slightly covered.) Half of the fun of the shoot will be finding your favorite pretty little nothings to wear.
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sexy lingerie?
Yes, please!

My team of professional hair and makeup stylists knows exactly how to make you look and feel amazing for your shoot. Big hair, smoky eye, pouty lip—whatever you desire, they’ll make it happen. Pro tip: plan a night out after your session because you’re going to be a total smokeshow.

glam squad

During your shoot, I’m going to pose you down to your fingertips. Those sultry looks and curvy bodies you see in my portfolio? All helped by the magic of posing that I’ll direct you on 100%. It’s about as far away from a bathroom selfie as it gets.

strike a pose

After your session, you'll be able to choose from any of the beautiful, high-end print options ranging from canvases, and acrylic prints, to the gorgeous albums. Trust me, once you see the results, you’re going to want it all.
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the art

Together we'll plan the session of your dreams. I'll send you all the insider tips to prepare. Plus, if you're not already in the VIP group, you're missing out!
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Prep, Plan, Prepare.

The Process

The Babe Haven

Behind every strong woman is a group of other strong women telling her how incredible she is. That’s why you're invited to join our private women-only VIP group. There you’ll find like-minded women who are bold, passionate and living their truth. Even when their truth isn’t always camera-ready. Our community shares advice, support and laughter, and some members even ask for advice about their sessions. And when your sneak peek photos go up, the group is there to tell you how gorgeous you know you look.

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A: Don't worry about a thing! I DON'T photograph professional models, every image you've seen are of real women like you and me...women that were also nervous they "can't pull off" a shoot like this...yet there they are, total freakin bombshells in their photos. I'll coach you through every pose, facial expression, there will be no guess work on your part! 

A: Of course! Lingerie definitely isn't the only way to look and feel sexy. I think the most natural looks can be the sexiest, because it's real. You can wear a dress, tank top and your favorite underwear, a robe, etc. Plus, when you book your session, you'll have access to The Client Wardrobe! The wardrobe is full of lingerie ranging from sizes XS-4X and always growing to keep up with the latest styles and varying sizes!

A: My studio, The Babe Haven, is located in Historic Olde Town Portsmouth, VA. We have numerous sets and a client wardrobe to choose from. Everything from hair and makeup through your photo reveal will happen here.


The Questions

seduce yourself.