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Mentoring with Bit of Ivory

I’m onnnlyyy 6 months behind on this one….go me! 🙂 But back in August I did a mentoring session with Chelsea LaVere of Bit of Ivory Photography. Up until then I had done a ton of research on my own and really learned how to use all of my camera’s manual functions and how to handle natural light…but I KNEW I needed help with posing.

Posing was one of those daunting things that I wasn’t sure how to handle. It’s definitely something you learn over time and adjust with each new client in order to create the most natural looking poses, but meeting with Chelsea was an ENORMOUS help!

We went over everything from posing and composition to networking and Lightroom. Some of the techniques she shared with me are things I could have never found on the internet or in any photography book, they were things she learned over years of being in this business. I can’t thank her enough for spending the day with me and helping my improve my photography! I’m even more thankful for the fact that her mentoring hasn’t stopped there….she’s actually the reason I’ve committed to blogging daily. She gave me the reality check I needed to start getting my work out there and using the resources right in front of me!

So long story short, I’m so glad I’ve met Chelsea! She’s an amazing mentor and photographer! Be sure to go check out her work:
Bit of Ivory Photography website
Bit of Ivory Photography Facebook

Finally, here are some photos I took throughout the day! Our model was Melody Gillikin of Melody Gillikin Photography! She was such a good sport for coming out and posing for us…rainy day and all! 🙂

These are just a couple from when we did a composition exercise using a vase of flowers. I had to share because I just loved these flowers! They were provided by Palette of Petals for a shoot Chelsa did the day before…



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  1. Judith says:

    Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous!!!
    Love the way Melody is posing in the first few with the umbrella 😀

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