Michael & Ronnie

So for Christmas, I’m always at a loss for what to get my mom. You know I always get the typical mom answer, “Oh you don’t need to get us anything! We have everything we need!” This has resulted in her getting photos of my nephew, Ronnie, for the past 5 years….can’t go wrong with that!  He’s my parents only grandchild, plus they live in Ohio and he lives here in Virginia….so a photo of him is basically gold to them. : )  I’m not sure how long this tradition will work for, hopefully forever! But since Ronnie grows a foot practically every time I see him, I’m sure there will come a time that he’ll refuse to sit down for a few pictures.

Luckily, for now, he’s such a good sport! (Especially when I hand the camera over to him and let him take a few too….I should probably post a few that he’s done. Photographer in the making, I tell ya!) But for now, here are the photos I took of my brother, Michael, and Ronnie!


He has always made this goofy face when I take pictures of him…I’m pretty sure he learned it from my brother at some point. And that eyebrow raise, it must be a talent that we Judd’s have .


Another thing Ronnie always likes doing…’getting your turkey neck’  It never gets old to him, as long as you always make him think it tickles. 🙂


At this point, he was pretty much over posing for pictures and needed to build a sand castle. I kept snapping away while he kept saying, “Aunt Steph, will you PLEASE come help me?!” Silly me…but I eventually listened, because he pretty much has me wrapped around his finger :/



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