The Perfect Souvenir

I wonder if Calvin knew when he married me, what he was actually getting into. He married a photographer, a lover of photos and capturing every single moment. 🙂 So yes, even after an entire day of photos at our wedding, I proceeded to make him take photos with me on our honeymoon! 🙂 If given the choice, I’d be behind the camera…but I just LOVE having something tangible to look back on memories. And I’m sure when I begin getting older and a tad senile, I’ll thank my younger self for doing this so I’m able to share all of our wonderful memories with our grandchildren.

I can’t thank Shannon with Shannon Forbes Photography enough! This was the best souvenir I could have brought back from Hawaii. It captures the beauty of Hawaii just perfectly!


So, I planned on wearing one of my cute little dresses until we got in the water, and for the first shot, Shannon asked us to walk along the water line for a few quick photos. Wellllll, apparently I got a little too excited and totally underestimated how close the next wave was going to break! Next thing I know, we’re thigh deep in water! Whoops! I’m such an amateur nowadays.2013-07-09_0002.jpg

Since we were half drenched, we decided to go ahead and change…which I’m actually glad we did. This was pretty much our attire for our entire 2 week trip. Seriously, I don’t know why we bothered packing anything other than our bathing suits!






This set of photos makes me laugh…I have ZERO balance on a surfboard! We were attempting to sit on it together…and well, you can see what happened. haha


The conditions weren’t exactly ideal for underwater photography…normally the water should be calm, no sand stirred up, and the sun directly overhead…unfortunately, most of the week we were on Oahu, the sand was stirred up pretty bad, making for merky waters. But we gave it a shot anyway. I have to say, I’m not too disappointed because my underwater face is not cute!! 🙂

This one is one of my favorites! We took this at the very end in a little pool surrounded by rocks…this is actually fresh water coming out from the ground!


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