Our Wedding…Through Instagram

The morning after the wedding, as Calvin and I sat in the airport waiting for our first flight, I loved being able to go through Instagram and see all the photos my friends took throughout the weekend! Obviously I didn’t do any instagramming most of the weekend…I was so overwhelmed with last minute details, seeing all my friends and family that I haven’t seen in so long, and just trying to take everything in and enjoy it, that the last thing on my mind was my phone! Which I don’t regret one bit, because luckily, my friends are attached to their phones and avid instagrammers! 🙂 So, this post is thanks to the (unknowing) contribution from all my amazing instagramming friends! 🙂


1. These first few are from my bachelorette party the Thursday before the wedding. My BM’s are pretty much amazing! We spent the day at the Williamsburg Winery having lunch, doing a tasting, and going on a tour of the winery. This photo is from that night at our hotel on the beach, just before heading out for the night!

2. Brandi, Tahitia, and I met my Freshman year at Longwood University…they’ve become two of my best friends…and of course we had to get our standard picture of the three of us!

3. And that’s where the bachelorette party pictures stop… 🙂 The next day we all went to the nail salon and had our nails done. I’d say this is when it hit me that I was actually getting married…the next day. I loved being able to relax and be with my bridesmaids before the panic set in! Thankfully, they were there with me and put up with me as I stressed out, making stops at almost every store to pick up last minutes things on our way home to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

4. My beautiful, amazing, supportive, best friend bridesmaids! Seriously, I asked them to tone it down on the makeup and hair because they were going to outshine me. Whyyy do I have such pretty friends anyway? 🙂

5. My parents and I just before the ceremony. I’m so glad we planned to have a little bit of downtime between photos and the ceremony. I feel like this was the one time I really had a chance to spend with my close family and friends.

6. Aaaaand we’re married! After SO many tears (seriously, I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it through the ceremony) and some laughter, we’re finally married!

7. Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Piland! Clearly I was excited…note to self: my excited face is not flattering. I think this is the part I was most nervous about…I hate being the center of attention and almost planned to skip introductions all together, just to avoid this moment. But in the end, I’m glad we did it!

8. Our table’s centerpieces! After hunting down 12 perfume trays, collecting wine bottles for months, cutting wine bottles, spray painting everything….I don’t even remember seeing the tables at our wedding! :O

9. I was NOT going to let the night end without a Zeta family pic! Two of my bridesmaids are my big and my little from my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Even with 500 miles between us, these girls have continued to be such big parts in my life, and for that I’m soo thankful!

10. More Zeta’s at the wedding! I was floored by how many of these girls made the trip down for our wedding! After being such constant parts of eachother’s lives throughout our time in Zeta…I couldn’t have imagined not having them there.

11. How you doin?? haha Pretty sure Brandi and Tahitia might kill me for using this one. But looking through the photobooth pictures and videos, they had me laughing hysterically!

12. And finally, Calvin and I at the airport just before leaving for Hawaii!


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