The Day After

After 15 months of being engaged and a TON of planning….06/01/13 has come and gone. It was a beautiful day, and more than I could have ever planned for. It was also SO overwhelming! While I feel like I did a good job of staying calm and not getting caught up in the details so I could be present for the day…I still feel like I was in a bit of a fog once the reception started. Also, this is probably going to sound awful, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist….so after all the planning….I can’t help but keep thinking about some of the details that went wrong during the day. BAD. So bad…I know! On our honeymoon I even had a dream that the wedding didn’t happen yet, so I was able to plan more and fix the things that went wrong…..then I woke up (in Maui, so I wasn’t mad! πŸ™‚ )

I know this sounds so ungracious, because the truth of the matter is….our wedding was BEAUTIFUL and more than what I hoped for! The most important thing to me was that we have a meaningful ceremony that Calvin and I would remember forever. That’s not something I could have really planned for…but it more than exceeded my expectations. [I’ll share details later!] πŸ™‚

So why am I even admitting that my crazy perfectionist brain can’t let go of the little details that didn’t go as expected? Because I feel like this is perfect evidence of how important wedding photography & videography is. I CANNOT wait to see our wedding photos and video, because it’s going to allow us to relive all the moments of our day from the view of a guest. From the comfort of our couch, we’re going to be able to relive it all without the stress of how we look, if we talked to everyone, how I’m going to get some AC under my dress, etc. πŸ™‚ Β The photos and video will be a reminder of just how beautiful our wedding was and that all the tiny, insignificant mistakes that happened along the way are just my little secret. πŸ™‚

For now, here’s the sneak peek we received from our photographer, Carrie Holbo Photography! The rest will come soon!



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  1. Rachel Foster says:

    I can not wait to see the pictures! Your ceremony was very entertaining and the reception a blast!

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