A Year In Review && What’s To Come

So when I originally prepared this post, I planned to launch it on the last day of the year, but then I realized how well it fit with a contest that I’m currently trying to win and a question that was asked in the entry process.

First, I’ll start with what the contest is…it’s a chance to win a full day photography mentoring session with Sharon Elizabeth Photography! I’ve been following Sharon’s photography (and well…her life.) for quite some time now…she’s an amaaaazing photographer and so down to earth (for those of you who don’t follow many blogs, you really get to know someone through them, especially hers because she’s so honest in her posts, so no I’m not as creepy as this sounds :))

In order to increase my chances of winning, I have to get friends and family to vote for me by ‘Liking’ her photography page on Facebook, then commenting on her wall with my name ‘Stephanie Judd’.

She also asked each of us to “Leave one comment below telling me something YOU’VE been wanting.wanting.wanting…. but now realize you need a GUT check!”

This got me thinking a LOT…there are so many things that I want and that I dream of doing with my photography, but it all leads to one thing…and that’s being able to go full time with my photography!

This past year I’ve worked so hard at doing all the research and practice in order to improve my photography skills. I now know my camera inside and out, I know how lighting and the surroundings can affect a photo and how to position my subjects in the lighting to get the effect I’m looking for. I’ve also figured out how to nail the focus in my photos to get them as crisp as possible and better post processing steps to improve a photo without overdoing it…

I loved getting these photos together, because it really demonstrates how much I’ve learned in such a short time. ┬áBut now with the new year approaching and this amazing opportunity to learn from a photographer that I admire, I can’t help but think how much further I have to go….how much more I could learn from someone who has been doing this for years. While I’m happy with my progress so far, I hope to be able to look back this time next year and be just as proud of how much progress I’ve made again!

SO….enjoy the my 2012 year in review of befores and afters….then pretty PLEASE go vote for me to win a photography mentoring session with Sharon Elizabeth Photography by:

1. Go ‘Like’ Sharon Elizabeth Photography’s Facebook page, by clicking here.

2. Comment on her wall, where it says ‘Write Something’ and type my name ‘Stephanie Judd’ …. That’s it! ┬áThe more people that post my name to her wall, the better the chance I have of winning!


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