Stephanie & Greg

So every photographer strives for the ‘perfect clients’….the ones that have similar interests, are up for anything, and have come to you because they’ve decided they love YOUR style of photography. I’m way too new to have built a brand of my own that’s that powerful, but I have to say, Stephanie and Greg are pretty much my perfect clients.

Stephanie is so creative [it must come with the name or something ;)]  She always has the most fun shoots planned out!  Back in September, we did a shoot on a sailboat at sunset!  Seriously gorgeous.  That was before I launched my blog, but I’ll be posting that session very soon! Anyway, we’ve done a couple since then….and they’re never dull!  This session happened because she wanted to have her and her husband’s photos taken before they headed off to his Christmas Party…and I can see why, they looked stunning!  Then she said, ‘I really want to do them on a carousel.’  So we did.  And here are all the gorgeous pictures we got from it!


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