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A Crazy Weekend of Photography

The first weekend of December was CRAZY and full of photography! I loved it. By the end of the weekend I had 3 memory cards full of beautiful photos…first I met with one of my favorite clients to do a shoot….on a carousel! Yep, a carousel. She always has the most fun ideas! But that post will be coming on Friday!!

Then I spent all day Saturday shooting portraits with my new photog friend, Tianna Yentzer of Truly Ty Photography! We had three beautiful girls (I feel like we’re probably old enough now to be called women, but that still feels weird, so I’m going with girls) to photograph.

Eileen, Taylor, and Ashley…THANK YOU for coming out and letting us take your photos! We had a great time and got a ton of gorgeous shots! 🙂 I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to check Truly Ty’s blog soon to see Tianna’s photos from the day! 🙂



I’m a sucker for black and whites!  It’s hard for me to keep my photos in color sometimes….and this one of the right is exactly why!  GORGEOUS!

Taylor and Eileen are really good friends, as displayed by the constant laughter throughout the day!








Oh, and I forgot to mention, Tianna and I took this opportunity to swap headshots that day as well!  [I told you, there was a lot of photo taking happening!] Here’s your first teeny, tiny sneak peak, Tianna! I chose this one as the sneak peak, because for those of you who don’t know Tianna, this perfectly captures her quirkiness!  So cute! 🙂


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