Slowing down and accepting the unknown… {Personal Updates}

Ugh…What a freakin week. I intended on sharing this last week, but I’ve just been so distracted, full of anxiety. I’m usually a pretty relaxed person, but just something about knowing I have no control over what’s to come or even what to expect had me feeling a little crazier than usual.

But…coming back to this draft that I started, I realized the entire point of it was about slowing down and not letting these memories slip past me. I’m a photographer, yet I rarely pick up my pro camera to document our fam…I don’t even capture on my phone as much as I should. I mean, my motivation when I first bought an SLR was to be able to take nice photos once we had kids…

So I’m going to try not to stress about all the what if’s since it’s out of my hands anyway, and instead try my best to embrace this quality time. To do the things I’ve been putting off…maybe get this kid out of diapers…pull out all the messy crafts…and my camera.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program…I promise these are all from a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 

Anyone who knows Connor, knows his BOOTS. Rain or shine, they’ve been a wardrobe staple for the past two years…until he discovered a hole that let water in while fishing….so Paw Patrol rain boots are in and the monster snow boots have apparently been passed down to Avery. haha

Connor’s been begging to “organize” everything. After ending up with my spices out of reach, I was discouraging it haha…but he decided to organize the building blocks at the VA Living Museum and I’m thinking I need to really take advantage of the free labor. bahaha

Some things I’m really thankful we got to do (unknowingly) before the world starts to shut down….I took Connor to his first movie…only 3 bathroom breaks and he loved ittt. Andddd a Lamia’s date with Calvin—seriously, when life gets back to normal, go get you a smores crepe. H.E.A.V.E.N.

I hope you all stay safe and cozy with your fams while we wait this thing out! I’ll just be over here balancing work from home and kids!


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