Miss B {Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer}

I think about what took me so long to take the leap and focus ONLY on boudoir…from the first boudoir shoot I did, I knew that I loved it. It took me by surprise—like most of my clients now—I thought for sure it’d be awkward. I just didn’t understand how VERY different these shoots are from other genres of photos. But that instantly changed.

The more I think about it—the timing of it all makes perfect sense. Becoming a mom changed everything for me. Suddenly I realized how valuable this experience is and knew that I had to pour my heart into it. After two kiddos and nursing, my body didn’t feel like my own…and definitely didn’t look it either. And many of the babes that come into my studio are dealing with similar feelings. I get to watch them as they transform from a little unsure, to “OMG I’m HOT!”. And I think that’s a direct quote from Ms. B.

Moving forward, I plan to share more of my own story…and photos. [YES, I finally have my own session scheduled!] But I also hope to encourage you babes to share your own story along with your gorgeous photos—or even anonymously. Because we all have a story behind these gorgeous images.


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