Stephanie Michelle is a maternity and motherhood photographer, based in Hampton Roads,  capturing the sweet, sometimes messy journey of motherhood that so often goes undocumented.

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why motherhood photography?

i hope to remind other moms of the beauty in what feels messy in the moment. those real moments are your legacy to your children, memories that they'll cherish one day.

why motherhood photography?

i wish i had known. i wish i could see photos of my mom in the few weeks after becoming a mother—rocking him with tears in her eyes, willing him to sleep, if even only for a few short minutes.

why motherhood photography?

I wish i could've seen as she became a mother of two, struggling to remind my brother he's loved, while keeping me content in her arms. i'm sure she probably felt defeated—but i bet it was the strongest she had ever been.

why motherhood photography?

now that i'm a mom, i get it. but I want to leave those memories for my children—for myself. the most precious time in my life, and i barely have photos that document those real, messy, but beautiful moments.

I became a mother to Connor in November 2015. Two weeks after my due date—teaching me the first, and most important lesson in parenting...patience. I didn't cry when I first saw him, instead I stared in disbelief. I did, however, cry for a solid three months after having him. Hormones are funny. 

I could barely care for myself after labor, he either nursed or cried almost every hour of the day, and baby blues led me to believe my friends didn't want to be friends anymore. And somehow, I yearn to relive those early months, to slow time down—to at least relive it in photos.

I opened this business five years ago, but it wasn't until him that I realized my passion for capturing motherhood. I saw moments slip by, albums full of photos I've taken of my husband and him, with the ones of me few and far between. I want to remember these times, and share them with my children one day (if even for shameless bribery opportunities.)

I’m a military brat, turned civilian, struggling with a constant case of wanderlust. Waves, sand, and sun cure everything. My husband, Calvin, is a saint for dealing with me and keeps me sane. My son, Connor, is my entire heart—even if I’m on the struggle bus 90% of the time as I adjust to #momlife.


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You have enough on your plate, I want this process to be as simple as possible for you! I will work with you to plan every detail of your session, from outfit decisions to location selections, I'm here to help!

You can relax knowing your session with me will be totally laid back and fun. My goal is to capture the real moments, not stiff, posed portraits. Kids that won't sit still? Perfect! The kids chasing one another around the couch are the memories that matter.

When the kids have grown and you're reminiscing, you'll reach for your motherhood album and flip through it as those sweet memories come flooding back—bringing a smile to your face. 

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Your session includes one photo book, but they also make the perfect gift for grandparents. Add on a photo book and customize with your choice of several cover options. 

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Q: I'm so excited to have photos with my children, but could we include my significant other, too?
A: When capturing the bond between you and your baby or children, it's important for the focus to be totally on you! I always recommend that we focus on you for the first hour or so of your session, then we'll catch up with your significant other for a few more photos! 

Q: Do you do fresh 48 sessions?
A: Yes! I would absolutely LOVE to capture you and your family as you welcome your little one to the world in those first few days. 

Q: What is your photography style?
A: I LOVE capturing the candid moments, the images that you'll look back on and FEEL that moment. At your session, we won't struggle to pose those stiff portraits...we're going to relax, have fun, and capture the real moments. But don't worry, I'll give you plenty of direction to keep everyone moving and relaxed! 

Q: I'd like to do an indoor session, but would prefer not to do it at my you have a location?
A: Yes! There are a few options available that I could recommend! Reservation and permit fees would be additional.

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