The Studio Glow-Up [VA Boudoir Studio]

I know I’ve already shared a tour of our boudoir studio in Historic Olde Town Portsmouth, but I’ve never shared where it started before we got our hands on it. Don’t get me wrong, it was always beautiful—but getting to put a little Stephanie Michelle brand on it was so much fun…and a lot of work.

I absolutely love Historic Olde Town for all it’s charm…one of my first jobs was at an attorney’s office down the road from my studio now, so I got to know the area well and have always loved the unique atmosphere and locally owned shops and restaurants. Seriously, if you haven’t been, you need to check out some of the restaurants—and visit me, duh.

So, when I knew I was on the hunt for a studio, I drove and drove and drove around this area. And all along, my space was sitting just above one of our favorite restaurants. It wasn’t on the market, but I called around and tracked down the owner (in another third world country, nonetheless)…I’m still surprised I was even able to connect with him.

I feel like it was meant to be! The building is historic, built in the 1800’s and has allll the charming architectural details you just wouldn’t find anywhere else. To be honest, it was a risky move. The building is actually for sale, so my long-term future is a little uncertain…but ya know, I like to think the risk is worth it. We now have 2,800 square feet of space that will allow me to have SO many different sets and try a ton of new things that just weren’t possible in my previous space. It’s honestly TOO much space hahah. When/if it happens that my time has run out here, I’ll love getting to transform another unique space for you babes—and if the new owner gives us a more certain future, then get ready for even more gorgeous upgrades for this already gorgeous space! 🙂

I read somewhere that this building was originally built by a wealthy family that had two daughters, so they built it to be identical on either side—sort of like a duplex. Those lucky girls got a home with the most beautiful hardwood floors (that are still in such amazing condition now!), marble fireplaces, huge windows, and intricate crown moldings. I like to think they’d be thrilled to see what we’re doing with it now, empowering women to be fiercely confident, strong women.

Now what you came for…the before and afters! I included some random behind the scenes from the whole process…so much packing, shopping, painting…and the cutest little ‘helpers’. This is my first time seeing these together and it makes me so proud of all that we did!


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