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Miss A {Hampton Roads Boudoir}

I absolutely love when new moms come into the studio. With 2 little ones myself, I SO get it. It’s like one day you’re an individual, struggling with self-love when your body is entirely your own…then you basically give up your body, independence, and time to this little human, but you’re still supposed to somehow find confidence.

Similar challenges…but every woman has their own story. In Miss A’s own words..this is her story:

Self-worth is something I’ve always struggled with. Growing up…I let myself believe I was never good enough or worthy. I always looked to others to determine my value. I allowed the comments, actions, and what I believed others were thinking about me hold me down. Even now, I’m at an ideal weight but struggle with my postpartum body. Without writing a book I will just say that I now know I am in control of the way I let people and things make me feel. But that has taken years. I am a reservist, ER Nurse, mama, wife, and friend—and I fail to put myself first most of the time. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing left to give at the end of the day. I want to do this for myself and in celebration of finally becoming who I’m supposed to be.


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